Sunday, September 20, 2009

Back on track...

Ever since I have come back from my holiday I have lost all control. I cant say no anymore, I cant stop after just one small tasting, I cant walk past without resisting temptation.
But not anymore!
Starting today I have 2 weeks until my birthday and I have maintained the same weight for about 3 months now! Time to break it!
No chocolate or chips have been brought during the weekly shopping so if I need to pig out I have a nice supply of fruit n vege!
Am limiting to 600-650 a day with a min of 600 burnt off everyday which can easily do at the gym on an hour! So taking it easy then slowly going to build up the exercise! Gotta look fantastic for my bday!

Damn i wish i had her body!

Man I cant wait for summer!
I find it so easy to not eat in the summer. Waking up in the morning before the beach and u have a flat stomach which you don’t want to ruin before walking down the sand in a bikini so you just don’t eat. The sunbathing and swimming all day, doing exercise while being social, then hve a cold refreshing coke zero and an apple and a bottle of water for hydration, then back in the water to burn off the apple and go home tanned, toned and empty….and happy!

That is my summer weekend routine … and I cannot wait for this rain to go so it can begin!!
Im goin to start blogging more to stay on track. When I have to write what i am doing, I want to feel confident i am being strong and not guilty I am failing.
So until then I have a nice bowl of salad, watermelon, an apple and an egg white omelet with baby spinach leaves to get me through till the gym tonight!
ciao cioa

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  1. Savii, we are so similar it is crazy--I too am not what I would consider 'anorexic' but I am really into restricting, counting calories, exercising, and I also have a problem with chocolate - I can't resist. Just thought it was such a coincidence that we had that much in common - good luck with the next two weeks, you will look great for your birthday I'm sure!