Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Check in!

Eatings: Healthy, bout 1100 cals though :S

Exercise: Not to good at all, bout 350 cals :(

No chocolate days: 2!
No lolly days: 2!

Monday, November 29, 2010

back on the saddle!

Im not happy with my body!
I cant even bring myself to see what i look like in a bikini!

I had such a bad weekend, ven though i weighed in at 66kgs when i woke up, I feel like im back at my heighest weight and i want to scream!
But after one mental bashing and a couple of flash backs at lowest weight later, and
I am back in the game once again!
Time to up the cardio, reduce food intake, restrict restrict restrict! I want to be at least 65kg by xmas!
I have just under 4 weeks to get my butt into gear to look semi-decent in family fotos, then another 3 weeks until ill be living in a bikini during my holiday! 62kgs is the goal.
So seriously, whats a month of hard work out of hopefully many years of life, where i can my slim and happy, going to hurt?!?!

Morning Tea: 5 cornthins - 120 cals
Lunch: homemade salad with tuna, egg, lettuce, carrot, capsicum and a sprinkle of parma cheese & handlful of mixed nuts and dried apricots - bout 300 cals
Pre Gym snack: Carrot and pineapple - roughly 70 cals
Dinner: medium bowl of chicken mince and wholemeal pasta - bout 450 Cals
1 hours power walk - 300 cals
1 hour body attack - 700 cals

Compared to yestaerday (the shame) this a step in the right direction.
Mite hit RPM tomoz night for cardio of the day!
But now... bed time for an early rise to go for an early walk
Night guys!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

A little can turn to alot!

damn...Ive lost control a little and gained a little!
I know what its from as well, the blocks (yes i said blocks) of chocolate last week :S
well I havent brought any more for 5 days now! But am still paying for it. Time to get my butt back into gear.
To Eat today:
watermelon for beakfast
apple and carrot for snack
salald wrap for lunch
Dinner is undecided
1 hour walk
15m run (next goal is building up to 30mins)
30 mins pump class
Must stop:
binging after work
Must start:
staying longer at the gym
add some more cardio into my exercise

Monday, November 8, 2010

What took me so long?!

My middle sister is a fitness freak. She's the runner of the family, the fit one... she had v's! she has abs!!!. She has done athletics since she was 8, has represented Australia in Asia, won state records and also local events. Running has always been a love of her's. She pretty much goes everyday, even when we were in France she would go for a run in the morning before we hit the sights for the day. But I could never understand her love of pounding the pavement though. Why stuff up your knees and ankles, strain for breathe and hell, even both?

On friday, during my usual walk, I felt an urge. I wanted to go faster, to feel the burning pain in my chest, the path fall behind me and the wind smash into my face! I went for a jog!

My gosh! What took me so long?! Why did I wait till that particular Friday to finally find a love of going for a run! Why have a been wasting days of my life just walking for exercise when I can get this extra burst of cardio that gives me the burn I crave?

The wind whipping through my hair, each breathe getting harder and legs getting heavier with each stride, the desire to start a bit earlier each time, to go just that bit further. The deep burn in the chest tells screams "your workin hard". The final sprint to the end takes the last bit of energy, pushing heavy legs and cross the finish line! Gasping for air and letting the blood flow back into shaking legs. I love the feeling! Feeling all this whilst running, and feeling fuckin fantastic after.

I understand why she runs now. I now share her love. (just not to the same extent to compete as she does haha) Thanks sis for the inspiration :)

Sorry for that random rant but its like experiencng new love... when you cant stop thinking bout the feeling it gives you. Im just excited because I now have another cardio exercise that I dont have to pay for. I wanted to get back into RPM (spin class) at the gym but you gotta pay 5 bucks on top of you membership each time you wanna do a class and quite frankly, I cant afford that right now. So usual attack class, pump, walking and now running are it :D
I have a goal distance I want to be abe to run, and the perect path and plan to build up that fitness.
I cant wait to get started!

Weighed myself on saturday expecting to be back up again, but was lower again, which was surprising!! So still on the right track to my party goal weight. I have 3 weeks to get there!
hope everyone is having a good week
much love

Thursday, November 4, 2010

put down the chocolate....

argh! epic fail on the no chocolate front :(

....and I cant breathe through my nose due to a cold,

I wanna look like her! We have very similar body shape and damn I would kill for abs like that:

Put down the chocolate....Its time to focus!

Monday, November 1, 2010

quick update

Yeah i said i would do my weigh in afew weeks ago.... just got distracted :S sorry!
but finally stepped on the scales today and am down! (yay) was expecting same or higher weight, and even though it asnt a huge loss, i feel motivated to finally reach my bday party goal weight. Only 1.5kgs to go! and 3 weeks till the party!
I had a mini detox week last week, but ruined it with a block of chocolate. I have finally weened myself off sugar, and i feel so much better for it. I had no energy all last week because my body was so dependent on my daily sugar binge! I had no energy for the gym, and had to go down in my weights and even then it was still hard.
Now 9 days into my no sugar challenge, i feel pretty good! At the gym tonight i still had energy in the last 20 mins of my attack class which I always crash and burn in!
This week challenge is no chocolate. I left all my chocolate on the bench with a note to my housemate saying "hide me plz :(" so i have no temptation. I have no money to buy any aswell so hopefully I can stick to it :S
Chocolate is my downfall!
Anyways, will try to update abit more, Im so inconsistant!
hope everyone is well and strong :)