Saturday, October 24, 2009

its a harsh realitly...

but i welcome death rite now!
i feel like it wat i deserve... just reading a single comment on facebook, after a fantastic day my world come crashing down ... from single comment.
Why is it so hard to be happy when the one you love is happy with somene else!
Why do i even bother when its pointless to try and pursue someone who just doesnt want u?!?!

why is the quest for happiness and perfection so hard....
Why cant it just be there for you, ready for you, laid out for you?

why does lonliness call over happiness?
why does control overpower desire?

I want it all now, i hate waiting for the impossible.! I am trying to make it happen but reality sits in the way!
move aside! its my time to shine! I want to be my dream!!!
your world
your everything
Someones everything
just... something to someone.

wat is happiness?

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

run, hide and dont come out till its aaaallllll gone...

thats what i should be doin right now instead of waiting for 3 cheese pasta bake with chicken and bacon........ shame

very small serving, double gym and walking tomoz to burn off..... if my cold permits

Today will officially be my bad day of the week! Smooth healthy sailing for the rest!... i hope!

so beautiful



Monday, October 5, 2009

Countdown to Xmas..

Well the weekend was pretty sweet..... get drunk, ate lots, caught up with family and friends, got amazing pressies and all in all had an amazing time!.......Now it begins!

X-mas Challenge:

80 days
11.5 weeks

I have a goal and i am going to stick with it! I whipped out my old journals where i kept track of my measurements, weight and food intake for each day and opened a new page!

Im so excited. I have lost track and motivation since coming back from new zealand but now its summer (bikini season) and its time to take control again.

Bring on the sun :D
Ciao Ciao