Thursday, June 25, 2009

Random musing:

My knickers are stretched to my shape; comfortable and accommodating to my body image. Yes they are scungy, tatty and torn, faded and daggy, Fraid with holes. But they ease my mind.
But now the dreaded day has finally arrived where I have to buy new undies! Sure it should be an event to be excited about but it is one I despise just for the simple fact that i don’t want muffin top! I will sit in discomfort, feeling my fat rolls hang over tight elastic. Ill have the need to pull them higher then necessary to “tuck it all in” and think how they will bee seen through tighter clothing.

Nawwww I love my hobo undies :(

P.S. - R.I.P. Michael Jackson. Your music made me, changed me and is forever apart of me.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

facts and figures 1#

Hmm its been awhile. Sorry for the neglect of the blogging but I have quickly browsed everyones blogs to see how everyone is going. They are all so inspirational.

Well its been flat tack here at work. I was doin 2 jobs for 2 weeks while our receptionist was in Bali, and now have spent all this week trying to catch up on my work. And ihave to say I love being that busy. The day goes so much faster, I move around a lot more plus I have to leave the office a lot so I walk down town which is 10 minutes there and back each time so burning up abit more is fine by me haha.

Well I joined up at the gym, and all though I spend the whole days deciding whether to go or not, I feel so good after! I’m not a fan of using the equipment. I prefer to use a tredmill privately so I can turn up my ipod and run with noone to judge and mouth the words to my metal songs, and I must say the thought of me attempting to jog on a treadmill mouthing the lyrics which entail a lot of screaming is making me giggle. Hence the reason I like to privately use the equipment. Im more of a group fitness gal and that’s all I do!
So far this week I have done:

Monday: Walking (1hr) and Body Attack (1hr)
Tuesday: Walk/Jog (30 mins) and Body Step (1hr)
Wednesday (today): Cross trainer (30 mins) and planning to do Body Pump (1hr)

Thursday I plan to have a day off as it is shopping night and Friday I am going to try Body Combat!

I just gotta find the motivation to get to the gym tonight. I cant be assed but I really need to go as Macy is cooking pasta bake tonight and I know for a fat that I will eat more then I intend to. I always try to weigh what I eat but its getting abit obvious with the scales out all the time. Meh, macy is always talking about her diet so hope ony thinks its her.

Ooo yeah I was searching the web today at work (bit of free time on my hands) and I was wondering how many calories equal a pound and I found this piece of information:

“A pound of body fat equates to approximately 3500 calories. So if you have a calorie deficit of 500 calories (meaning that you burn 500 calories more than you eat each day) you would lose approximately one pound per week:
500 x 7 = 3,500
It's easy to see that a calorie deficit of 1000 calories would mean that you'd lose approximately two pounds per week. And that's a good number to remember, because two pounds a week is commonly accepted as the maximum rate of weight loss that is healthy….”

That is from the site:

And looking through a few of the sub titles I ended up on a link that calculates how long it will take to burn off the amount of pounds you are aiming for if you have a calorie deficit and this is the results from my aim:
Current weight: 146lb
Goal weight 1#: 127lb

Calorie deficit:
250 cals - 8 months & 26days
300 cals - 7 months & 12 days
350 cals - 6 months 10 days
400 cals - 5 months & 16 days
500 cals - 4 months & 13 days

My goal is to be 127 by October (my 21st) so I need to burn 500 cals more then I eat each day to reach that goal!
Now I feel motivated for the gym!

Just doin a quick working out……

From what I have eaten today and plan to eat tonight and what exercise I have done and will do I will have a deficit of 300!

Pump it is!

Well it is the end of the day. I will try keep a more regular post now that it has calmed down here. I hope my little facts are interesting and help you achieve your goals.

Oo and on a plus side I have been stuck at 66kg (146lb) for 3 weeks or so, which sucks because I haven’t lost any more but then I haven’t gained, just maintained! But I weighed myself today and am back in the 65kgs :D good motivation to see 64kg!

Off to pump it
Ciao ciao
Savii xx

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Gyming it up

First off, hello and thank you to those following me. I hope I can provide some form of service, whether it is inspiration, entertainment or even time wasting :P

Second: I am off to join the gym after work. As much as I love walking it just doesn’t burn enough!
An hour walking at 6kph burns 300 cals but 1 hour doing body step burns double that, and looking at the gym timetable you can do 2-3 classes in a row! That’s 1200 to 1800 cals possibly burnt off! So once I get into a routine and build up my fitness I hope to do all 3 in a row some days! Look out body!

Just got a txt from my friend danny who is down for the weekend for my mates (and her ex) 21st party and she wants to catch up for dinner at Hungry Jacks :( :(
I have been feverishly searching calorie king to king out just how much a whopper junior minus beef and cheese but they don’t have that option! I want subway but with danny its either her way or the highway *sigh* ill see if they still do ceaser salads and I just wont put the dressing on and pick out the croutons. Easy done! Otherwise the usual Whopper junior minus beef, cheese, tomato and pickle with light mayo and heavy lettuce and a medium diet coke. I say usual which it pretty much as been for 5 years because after working there for 3 years I KNOW what they do to that beef *shudders*

Hope I can keep it up as today has been a goodin’.
80 mins walking
Muesli & milk and fish and salad and an apple today making it a total 200 cals so far. Just got dinner to go :S

Off to sign up!
Ciao Ciao


Wednesday, June 3, 2009


After a weekend I am trying to erase from my mind I have maintained weight which I have mixed feelings about. On one side I haven’t gained, on the other its still fatty mcfatfat!

Have tried pickin up my act today after last nites shameful binge on Cadbury rocky road chocolate (which is now all gone thankfully) yet there now remains my 70% cocoa block which again is good and bad. On one side its pretty rich so cannot eat my usual half a block, only 2 squares plus it has good antioxidants! On the other side its still chocolate that I do not need. I did so well for 2 weeks where not a piece touched my lips, not mouth has had a taste and craves like there is no tomorrow! I will be strong!

So yeah, back to getting back on track with today. I have been thoroughly researching my calorie counter book and assessing my daily intake and a usually stick around the 800 cal mark. Over the weekend I blitz the 1,000 cal max limit which I am very ahamed about. It was such a lack of self control, I swear my hand and mouth shared a mental thought and decided to mutiny over my lack of sugar and crap! But I am back in control with a limit of 600cals per day now!
Today I have consumed:
Muesli (10g) & Hilo milk (15mls) – 39 + 7 = 46 cal

Medium Apple (Half at 11.30am & other half at 4pm) = 72 cal

Lettuce (10g), Carrot (30g), Baby spinach (10g), avocado (5g),
grated cheese (3g) wrapped in Roti bread – 2 + 12 + 2 + 8 + 12 + 70 – 106cal

Mini Anzac muffin (10g) – 49cal

And tonights dinner, cos macy is away I can pick something low cal, we are having fish and veges which I hope is no more then 300 cals all up.

On top of thati hae also walked about 1.5 hours today and plan to do some yoga and weights and sit ups!

I want to reach at least 143lb by sat!!

Just a quick update. I promise to write one good and proper when I have some time between bosses walking past my comp all day hehe

Stay strong!