Saturday, October 24, 2009

its a harsh realitly...

but i welcome death rite now!
i feel like it wat i deserve... just reading a single comment on facebook, after a fantastic day my world come crashing down ... from single comment.
Why is it so hard to be happy when the one you love is happy with somene else!
Why do i even bother when its pointless to try and pursue someone who just doesnt want u?!?!

why is the quest for happiness and perfection so hard....
Why cant it just be there for you, ready for you, laid out for you?

why does lonliness call over happiness?
why does control overpower desire?

I want it all now, i hate waiting for the impossible.! I am trying to make it happen but reality sits in the way!
move aside! its my time to shine! I want to be my dream!!!
your world
your everything
Someones everything
just... something to someone.

wat is happiness?

1 comment:

  1. happiness is everything....and nothing. happiness is not wanting or needing. happiness is something different for everyone. there is no real definition.
    it is a harsh reality...but you can't control others feelings, especially when you can't even control your own. and it does suck.
    but over time things get better. you don't forget of course. but, you get used to it and sometimes you won't even think about it.
    i've been there...a lot of others have been to. and i would't wish it upon anyone because it sucks.

    no pain no gain, right? pain is perfection? what doesn't kill you only makes you stronger?

    take what you are feeling and use it as your fuel. don't let the fire inside you die. and especially don't let some guy who doesn't deserve you snuff it out. it's ok to get sad, but then you have to get mad. because then that way he doesn't win, you do.

    song you need to listen to: Ruin by The Pierces

    believe in you!
    you are stronger than you know.
    good luck ^_^