Tuesday, November 3, 2009

hmmm last entry I posted was a bit on the dark side. I hate how that side comes out of me when I have been drinking... and lately it just keeps getting worse and worse. Thank you to EiLEANstein, I needed abit of a reality check :)

So I have been keeping myself busy setting small goals and planning big adventures. I am still on track to my Xmas weight, which I didn’t quite expect as have been very slack in the restricting department. Instead of restricting I have been halving what I would usually eat all off and so far it is working well. I am still indulging in cakes and chocolate but carefully which has resulted in very few binge days (with the exception of Sunday but we wont talk about that :S)

So 125lb has been my main goal for quite some time, but I know for a fact that I wont get there anytime soon so I am giving myself 8 months to get there when it is time for my EUROTRIP haha so pumped. Wow counting that, 8 months is a long time! But the reality of it is that I can slowly maintain my weight loss and do it at a healthy pace.

Awkward moment just before, one of my work mates asked if I have lost weight? I have but not much.. replied with a “no?” then they all started staying how I always go walking etc…. bailed out of there pretty quick.

I don’t like being talked about, especially
when its about my weight and exercise.

I am getting a tattoo on my ribs soon, a small design i made myself so when i get it done i will post some pics up. Cannot wait for it! Not only will it be super sexy but it is also motivation to never get any larger then when i get this tat!
No tattoo looks nice all stretched or hidden between rolls!

Intake today
Half a Banana (50g) and half of a Multigrain Muffin – 123cals

Lettuce, Spinach Leaves, Carrot, Capsicum, 2 Multigran Rice Thins – 64 Cals

Scone with tiny bit of Jam & Cream – 250 Cals
& a small Apple – 45 Cals

Walking for an hour 6kph – 300 Cals
Body Pump 1hr – 600 Cals
Body Attack 1hr – 750 Cals

Not sure what is for dinner…..

Ciao Ciao

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