Monday, October 4, 2010

workout love, spagbog hate

Well the week has been abit of a random mess. There has been no set routine in my eating or exercise, plus it didnt help that it was a long weekend and the gym shut before my attack class
:( threw my exercise routine out! then I didnt get to dance of my daily intake saturday night as got quite ill from over drinking.... prefer burning it off then bringin it back up but hey, al least it was out! But then, alas it was my bday on sunday and i was given chocolate.... so I ate it... ALL of it :(
But its a new week, and I am in a good mindset this time! Though ate afew bad things (bit of slice and 3 squares of chocolate ) had fruit, nuts, and more fruit and yoghurt thoughout the day, but ended with a just to big a bowl of spag :S
Exercise wise, walked for an hour, then did an hour of body attack and an hour of body pump! Felt sooo good!
I can roughly guess i have eaten about 1500 cals today, but burnt off 1650 cals so luckly still in negative! still shouldnt have had chocolate tho.
Is measurement day, got my diary, pen and measuring tape out, ready on my bed to wrap about my fats and tell me wat a huge lard I am *sigh*
Gotta keep positive, thats my motive this week, just keep thinkin positive thoughts!
hope everyone is well :)

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