Thursday, July 23, 2009

as i write this i am eating a scone >.<

2 weeks to go till I fly out and im STILL at the same weight I have been for the last month! And I no the reason behind it! My in ability to give up lollies and my love of pumpin the weights at the gym! Ill explain

Lately I have succeeded in not going over 800 cals a day which him pretty impressed with, considering when I look back on old food diaries where my daily intake was around 1800+ (never again). I even got down to 500 cals a day but after a very drunk yet eventful night I met a guy, which resulted in dinner and lunch dates plus a group dinner outing with friends. Sure I could have chosen not to eat before these meals but I prefer not to feel light headed and uneasy at the gym hence eating substantial mini meals to keep me going. So sticking to 800 or less a day but burning1200+ a day is the aim. Which brings me to the gym!

After years of avoiding the gym, I look back now and think myself a fool! It is the best place especially for me who lacks motivation! Body Step, Body Pump, Body Attack and Body Combat as the greatest afternoon calorie burners! Even better when there are two in a row! So I have been going to the gym now for just over a month and can definitely see a change. I have toned up considerably, I have more muscle definition, more energy and motivation plus its great to get in my daily work out when its raining every day! I have also had several comments on my weight loss. But heres the kicker, THERE IS NO WEIGHT LOSS! Maybe fat loss and muscle gain but I NEED the scales to go down. For peace of mind, to see all my efforts are not in vain and that I really am working towards something! I know if I give up weights it may help but I love the class, I love the burning sensation in a lunge and the last surge of energy in the last push of a rep! besides the more muscle to build, the more you burn when you are resting. Grr so many different reasons to stop and continue. Plus the guilt trip that sits on me when I miss a class is horrendous. In that hour I could be burning calories I will be consuming instead!

Decision made. I am sticking with the weights and will control my junk eating habits!

Am off down south this weekend to watch a band and stay for 2 nights. So excited :D


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  1. i have that problem too. i know that lifting weights/gym builds my muscle but keeps the scale at a higher number. I made the same decision as you... keep going to the gym/lifting weights.