Monday, August 24, 2009

back... and bigger then ever

well hats how i feel anyways.... But i allowed it! After all its hard to restrict with $5 spirits and buffet breakfast and dinners every night in a giant contiki tour for 15 days with 53 people and sharing a room with friends! Problem is now i cant stop eating!
Today was the start of restriction once again but the chocolate block under my bed was to tempting. So once that is gone its back to it. I have a new goal to push myself towards and thats my 21st bday!
10 pounds in 6 weeks. Im hoping the 3kgs i gained from my holiday will melt of quick then another 3 after that. Well there is only one way to find out.
Tho on a different note, despite the amount of crap i have been eating, it was good to just get go of control for awhile, let loose and enjoy myself. To taste food i had banned from my mouth for the first time in ages was like pure heaven. I knew it was bad but i was on holiday... from the world... and from myself! Sure im paying for it now but i enjoyed it at the time. My 2 week holiday binge!
So now that i have had my fill and over stuffed my face with goodies, i really feel no desire to have any more!
Back to reality now :) to quiet comforting control

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