Monday, August 31, 2009

Spring is in the air

Finally it is spring! The countdown to beach weather is now on :D can finally get my long awaited tan! I feel naked without a golden brown tinge to my skin. Instead i go the lovely colour of yellow during winter (ick). Plus it means longer nights so can go jogging on the beach, or even go to the gym and go for a walk later for a cool done because it will still be light and warm enough.

Have started a new sort of routine. I had contemplated attempting 2,4,6,8 upon the first day i found I lacked the control to restrict to 200 cals. So I have made afew amendments to suit my eating styles for now:

Monday - 600

Tueseday - 400

Wednesday - 600

Thursday - Fast

Friday - 400

Sat & Sun - 600 (including alcohol intake)

Also i must burn a minimum 900 cals a day

Today is a 400 cal day which will be tough tonight when I am at my weakest but have pre-planned my dinner and will be atthe gym for 2 hours plus i want to get back into my painting which is quite distracting so hopefully I can keep a level head ans eat what i have assigned myself.

If hungry, i will allow myself 5 almonds. Now i must say, almonds are one of the ultimate hunger stoppers. If im hungry i grab 10 almonds (23 Cals) and i feel full for a couple of hours! They are my new snack love!

I am goin to follow this routine till my birthday in one months time where i am planning a mini make over for myself. I want to give to wow factor when all family and friends see me thin and toned, blonde and with hair extensions :D Plus it would be nice to feel good about myself for one day, away from my greasy knotty hair, old baggy jumpers and pants to hide my fats. By then i hope to be 140lb (which i should have been months ago *sigh*)

Then i have 3 months till new years to be 125 - Back to where iwas 2 yrs ago!

Im excited to begin :D

Well i had better do some work

ciao ciao

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