Monday, November 30, 2009

Been awhile...

i want.....

i usually update at work all the time but they have cracked down on internet usage and pretty much blocked the net ... sucks cos now i have nothing to distract me from snacking

Bit of an update on myself
... i am fat, nothing new.. .
well i gains 2lb and my xmas challenge has not stuck at all, i have lost total control of my eating habits and i feel bigger then ever
But i am setting myself a new goal: i have 25 days to lose 6lb - at least - being my xmas present to me!
I found pics of my last xmas when i was around 138... damn that is still huge but it is better then what i am now... i must get to under 140 by xmas.. I MUST!

was feeling abit off 2day and as a result i missed out on body attack and body pump! instead i went for a nice relaxing 50 min walk then came home and stuffed my face with rockyroad i made on the weekend
well its a new month... new year is up next with so much to look forward to.. but right now i need to focus on acheiving this....



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