Monday, December 28, 2009

pre 2010 goals - starting resolutions early

I failed my Xmas challenge, I feel the biggest i have ever been, let myself go to the festive season and i am now paying for it this summer. On top of guzzling food by the handfuls, i cant even exersice to the levels i crave due to shin splints and neck and back problems. I want them to heal, yet i cannot stop myself from going to the gym. I must do body step and body attack to make amends to my face stuffing yet i leave feeling the pain just that little bit more each time.

I will then come home to a fridge full of chocolates i have received at gifts and eat without a thought.

The reality hit my upon standing on the scales for the first time in 2 months to see a figure i had hoped belonged in the past! How i loathed the very body i was in, how i curseld my lack of control. It was my fault i have been so care free, so oblivious to my abuse on myself....

That was the past. I now stand in the present, and look forward to the future with new hope for the year 2010.

Christmas has been and gone, the new year is approaching.. and i am overflowing with new courage and a game plan. I have the big picture in mind but i need to break it down to a realistic level each week. Here is this weeks goals.

Mini goals till 2010:

For the next 3 days i am -

  • sticking with 500 cals a day

  • i will burn 900 cals min for 2 of those days
    (Tuesday - Walking & BodyStep + Wednesday - Walking and BodyAttack)

  • On day 3 i will stick to 500 cals foodwise and do alot of dancing to burn off the excess amount of alcohol i plan on drinking new years eve!

As for the rest of the week, one day will be recover and travel as group of us is planning to drive south to climb Bluff knoll next weekend, a 6km return, 3 hour hike up a fantstic mountain which will hopefull burn a fair bit of booze new years and tone the legs abit. I am very excited about this, have done it before but i was in recovery from glandular fever, plus had a head cold and had to stop every 50m, plus it was raining and hailing so hopefully this time i am much fitter, healthier and the sun is shining bright witha clean view overlooking the stirling ranges once we reach the top!!!

I am also going to try to update more often. I dont use the net much at home any more just because i stare at the computer all day at work, its kind of the last thing i want to do when i get home. But i need to keep record to make sure i keep track of my eatings, doings and can encourage myself to post a positive improvement each time. I can and will do this. Taking it easy and steady, one week at a time.

They are my first tests to prove to myself I can keep a promise to myself, stick to the challenges i set and complete my goals.

I hope to map out my new years resolutions throughout the week.
Hurry up and open again gym!!!


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