Monday, January 4, 2010

2010 Resolutions/Goals

I wanna look this hot when i go to work out!!!

Welcome year 2010!

I will make this the year! The year I have the control and self motivation to reach my goal! I want it bad... real bad..!

Well if yo havent noticed already, I have added my weight goals on the right side there and i think it is a pretty safe way to go about it. Yes its a slow process but slow and steady is how I plan to do it. Wanting perfection right here right now always backfires in my face so have made up a challenge, complete with 12 short term goals eachg month to reach my ultimate and most desired weight!

Man i'd be happy with just reaching 120lb, so even hitting that goal i will be content and happy!

As far as other goals and resolutions go:

2010 Resolutions/Goals

  • I am hoping to travel around europe mid this year which i am very much looking forward too, have booked one part but am still working on my passport *sigh*

  • Get in contact with friends who i have drifted from

  • Become a more active runner and swimmer

  • Run the 12km City to Surf in August (Local community walking/running event)

  • Start ballroom dancing

  • Start my painting again

  • Start new sewing projects
  • Consider a possible job change after holiday
  • Appreciate each day

Yeah they arent very interesting but im excited for this new year :D

So to end this post I am going to sent my goals for this week:

Goals of the week:
DO NOT buy any Lollies && Chocolate!
Have a deficit of minimum 200 per day

I hope everyone had a fantastic new years and i wish you luck in all your goals for 2010


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