Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A new frame of mind

Sorry it’s been awhile. I cant get onto this site at work anymore in fear of being caught after many close encounter, and when I get home after 8 hours of looking at a computer screen all day its kind of the last thing I feel like doing but I am here today and catching up on lost time!

Well my shin splints have finally gone, and they will still have plenty of time to recover because now I have somehow done some form of damage to my foot L So to heal it, I can’t do much exercise involved heavy impact on my feet i.e. body attack and body step (which I love!) I can do swimming, walking and body pump which I do enjoy, but I don’t feel like I have worked out as hard as when I do those two cardio classes!

So at the moment my exercise routine insists of A LOT of walking and Body pump 3 times a week. I also hit up the X-trainer for a bit of extra calorie burning before and after Pump, ride my bike and occasionally go to the pool for laps…… all which aren’t to strenuous on my foot! Though on a plus side, my gym is getting RPM (spin class) which is getting me too excited for my own good! I’ll probably suck but at least it’s a class that is less strenuous on my injuries but still gives me a sweaty, gasp-worthy workout ( as weird as that sounds I feel that the more I sweat and loose my breath, the better and hard my workout is on myself!!) I’m going to put my name down while I’m at pump tonight…

I have also been feeling a bit more toned from all the pump classes. My arms look more tones, my thigh muscles are more defined and I feel slimmer. Weight wise, am still the same, however I put that down to less cardio workouts and more weight training.

In saying all this, I have recently given myself some much needed reality checks on the choices I have chose to put upon my body and how it is affecting me lifestyle. Here is a bit of a run of my mental state over the past few weeks:

While I consistently put pressure on myself to reach my goals, my mind decides otherwise to do the complete opposite and think of food every hour, on the hour. I will sit here and think “fooooooood” yet I have just eaten a healthy serve of muesli for breakfast and feel very, very full. I have never thought of anything as much as I have eating! A bad day for me involves me searching the web at work for healthy recopies to make at home, writing up new eating and exercise plans to calculate my intake of food and how much I will burn off, walking out the back of my office so see if there is anything I can eat if desperate (I never do eat it but I just like to make sure in case), watching the clock slowly counting down till the next time I have allowed myself to touch my peach and grapes, stuff them down my throat then watch the clock till lunch.... my mind screams at me, “so what if your full, you know you want that snack you are meant to eat in 2 hours time..... right now!” I hate it! It’s obsessive, addictive, controlling and making my days miserable!

So heres my new deal:

I have made the rest of February a month of body healing and strength building. While I cannot seem to shift past my current weight, sitting around 146-148 pounds (66-67kgs), I have increased my intake to about 1200 cals a day, eating foods to sustain me through the day and eliminate my sugar & chocolate cravings. And while I cannot exercise to the extreme that I crave due to injury, I am focusing on dropping my body fat percentage, increasing muscle definition and overall body toning.

Instead of weighing myself repeatedly each day, I am now dropping back to the end of the month. My new body assessment will be in measurements. At the end of this month I will measure my bust, waist, hips, bum, arm and upper and lower thigh and calculate my body fat percentage. Any weight loss is an added bonus but I will be content with maintaining my current weight.

If my foot injury has healed by the end of the month I will slowly bring high impact cardio into my routine again and if this month’s efforts are successful, I will continue with this plan also.

I don’t want to further aggravate my foot and get more and more frustrated with myself, so this will be the best option for the sake of my body and quick healing. If there is still pain, I may have to actually see someone, but money is tight due to my 6 week Europe holiday rapidly approaching so I’ll play doctor for awhile haha.

So that is now my focus.... bettering my body and my mind! My health is my priority at this time!

In other non crazy news, I am teaching myself basic French and it is making me oh so excited bout travelling later this year! I cannot wait to sit on the grass area under the Eiffel tower in Paris, so cliché but its a dream. Plus I can say, been there, done that! Gotta touch up on my Italian also!

Also my puppy is going to the vet tomorrow for a leg operation! Poor little thing is gonna give me the saddest eyes when I drop him off tomorrow but he gets to spend a month inside after so he cant really complain... but hope it all goes well! Will miss his cheeky grin for a night!

Well time to go to pump and sign up for RPM!

Bring on the burn!

If your body screams at you, tell it to shut up! – Les Mills Body Pump!

Ciao Ciao


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  1. RPM is AMAZING you're going to love it.
    I find it best to do it at the 6:30am sesh's - which im sure your gym will be offering too.. Its a beautiful way to wake up to the day, because i find that if i do an RPM too late in the afternoon/evening, i cant sleep for a while since my energy levels have been raised so much. Your body will probably work differently to mine, but give the morning classes a go!

    Thank you for your advice on the pill, i did get the Yasmin one - hoping it doesnt change my weight!