Monday, November 8, 2010

What took me so long?!

My middle sister is a fitness freak. She's the runner of the family, the fit one... she had v's! she has abs!!!. She has done athletics since she was 8, has represented Australia in Asia, won state records and also local events. Running has always been a love of her's. She pretty much goes everyday, even when we were in France she would go for a run in the morning before we hit the sights for the day. But I could never understand her love of pounding the pavement though. Why stuff up your knees and ankles, strain for breathe and hell, even both?

On friday, during my usual walk, I felt an urge. I wanted to go faster, to feel the burning pain in my chest, the path fall behind me and the wind smash into my face! I went for a jog!

My gosh! What took me so long?! Why did I wait till that particular Friday to finally find a love of going for a run! Why have a been wasting days of my life just walking for exercise when I can get this extra burst of cardio that gives me the burn I crave?

The wind whipping through my hair, each breathe getting harder and legs getting heavier with each stride, the desire to start a bit earlier each time, to go just that bit further. The deep burn in the chest tells screams "your workin hard". The final sprint to the end takes the last bit of energy, pushing heavy legs and cross the finish line! Gasping for air and letting the blood flow back into shaking legs. I love the feeling! Feeling all this whilst running, and feeling fuckin fantastic after.

I understand why she runs now. I now share her love. (just not to the same extent to compete as she does haha) Thanks sis for the inspiration :)

Sorry for that random rant but its like experiencng new love... when you cant stop thinking bout the feeling it gives you. Im just excited because I now have another cardio exercise that I dont have to pay for. I wanted to get back into RPM (spin class) at the gym but you gotta pay 5 bucks on top of you membership each time you wanna do a class and quite frankly, I cant afford that right now. So usual attack class, pump, walking and now running are it :D
I have a goal distance I want to be abe to run, and the perect path and plan to build up that fitness.
I cant wait to get started!

Weighed myself on saturday expecting to be back up again, but was lower again, which was surprising!! So still on the right track to my party goal weight. I have 3 weeks to get there!
hope everyone is having a good week
much love

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  1. I haven't run much since I did a 10k in March (mostly due to the fact that I have been backpacking for 6 months of the year) but I cannot wait to start up again, I would run regularly 4 times a week, of varied distances and intensities and I really do miss it.