Monday, November 29, 2010

back on the saddle!

Im not happy with my body!
I cant even bring myself to see what i look like in a bikini!

I had such a bad weekend, ven though i weighed in at 66kgs when i woke up, I feel like im back at my heighest weight and i want to scream!
But after one mental bashing and a couple of flash backs at lowest weight later, and
I am back in the game once again!
Time to up the cardio, reduce food intake, restrict restrict restrict! I want to be at least 65kg by xmas!
I have just under 4 weeks to get my butt into gear to look semi-decent in family fotos, then another 3 weeks until ill be living in a bikini during my holiday! 62kgs is the goal.
So seriously, whats a month of hard work out of hopefully many years of life, where i can my slim and happy, going to hurt?!?!

Morning Tea: 5 cornthins - 120 cals
Lunch: homemade salad with tuna, egg, lettuce, carrot, capsicum and a sprinkle of parma cheese & handlful of mixed nuts and dried apricots - bout 300 cals
Pre Gym snack: Carrot and pineapple - roughly 70 cals
Dinner: medium bowl of chicken mince and wholemeal pasta - bout 450 Cals
1 hours power walk - 300 cals
1 hour body attack - 700 cals

Compared to yestaerday (the shame) this a step in the right direction.
Mite hit RPM tomoz night for cardio of the day!
But now... bed time for an early rise to go for an early walk
Night guys!

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