Monday, November 1, 2010

quick update

Yeah i said i would do my weigh in afew weeks ago.... just got distracted :S sorry!
but finally stepped on the scales today and am down! (yay) was expecting same or higher weight, and even though it asnt a huge loss, i feel motivated to finally reach my bday party goal weight. Only 1.5kgs to go! and 3 weeks till the party!
I had a mini detox week last week, but ruined it with a block of chocolate. I have finally weened myself off sugar, and i feel so much better for it. I had no energy all last week because my body was so dependent on my daily sugar binge! I had no energy for the gym, and had to go down in my weights and even then it was still hard.
Now 9 days into my no sugar challenge, i feel pretty good! At the gym tonight i still had energy in the last 20 mins of my attack class which I always crash and burn in!
This week challenge is no chocolate. I left all my chocolate on the bench with a note to my housemate saying "hide me plz :(" so i have no temptation. I have no money to buy any aswell so hopefully I can stick to it :S
Chocolate is my downfall!
Anyways, will try to update abit more, Im so inconsistant!
hope everyone is well and strong :)

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