Tuesday, May 12, 2009

So it begins..

After much thought and incredible amounts of moping about how i look, i am now taking matters into my own hands. Looking back in time, over a year ago I was want i want to be now. Now i am my highest weight i have ever been!!! Time for change. Time for control!

My Stats:
LW: 127lb - 2008
HW: 154lb - 2009
CW: 149lb
GW: 127lb

Myself: Feb 2008 - 132lb March 2009 - 154lb

Started officially this week and lost 1lb since yesterday.
My May goal is to be 147lb

I hope i can do it, i need to do it!

Well this was a random post as am slowly dying of a cold but will post a more productive entry tomoz :)

Savii xo

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