Friday, May 22, 2009

Quick update

Well in the time frame of about 18 hours I’ve had to watch my ex drool over his current love interest as she walked the stage in teeny tiny bikinis last nite with a hot bod while I felt like a fat whale in the corner, and go to a doctors appointment for a breast check up which meant taking my top off and sitting there with my fat rolls hanging out everywhere. I swear the whole time he was checking them I didn’t not care that an old guy was fondling my boobs, I cared more about how disgusting I looked sitting there with giant muffin top and pot belly. Lucky I hadn’t had lunch yet that would have been worse.

I haven’t had a chance to weigh myself in the last 2 days and its killing me. I dunno if its beta to do it once a week or everyday but I prefer everyday that way I can keep a daily track. I always weigh myself on same time: after I have just walked home and eaten my lunch. Am contemplating jumping on the wii tonight but I have no idea how to turn it on with my housemates gadget control. Press this then this then that then activities then press this till this comes up *sigh* I should just purchase some scales but alas since I am going to New Zealand in august I must save.

Anyway I have decided that once I meet 132lb I am going to get a tattoo on my hip. Now I love tattoos. I watch LA Ink, Miami Ink and London Ink whenever I can and always talk about my next planned one. But I will only get a tat that has personal meaning and get it done on a place that won’t stretch as I see that as pointless. One of these pointless places was on my hip but a way I see it now is to get to a weight I will never go higher then, and get the tat as motivation to not stretch it with whale blubber! Nothing big, just a reminder to stay in control. I’m excited and motivated just thinking about it, a new tat on my slimmer hips.

I’m going to use this motivation to its advantage and jump on the treadmill.

And just a little note to me these ramblings have no flow. I love a good entry that has some time dedicated to writing it but I am at work and have to keep hiding my entry as I write, do some calls and jobs in between and I loose my train of thought. Ill try an entry at home when I am alone and to myself J

Savii xx

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