Tuesday, May 12, 2009

"what you eat in private, shows in public"

We I think a small introduction is in order. Just an average 20 year old living in Western Australia. Huge fan of dancing. The best for of release! Love a good laugh, hanging with my mates. Addicted to travelling, currently planning a get away to New Zealand in August this year, contiki touring it up with my housemate Tony* which I am very much looking forward to. I work in Real Estate, the legal side of it and I have to say it is not the most exciting job there is but it pays the bills. I recently moved out with my friends Tony and Macy* which has given me a new outlook to life. The freedom, the independence, the responsibility. I love it!

However, there is one thing I hate... my body!
Its fat, its lumpy, its flabby and in desperate need of some hip bones and toning! Some tanning and perfection! Alot of self disipline and self control!
As of Monday i started this control! My goal is to get to 127lb by my 21st birthday! I have to. I need to.

*sigh* I find it hard to give up eating the things i love. Chocolate, icecream, Biscuits, muffins..... those are my biggest loves and my greatest downfalls!
However I am proud to say that after Easter i have had my chocolate fix, i make home made muffins now, biccies just dont do me anymore and icecream? well we buy way to much of it! but i haVe found an alternative. Last night i decided to buy some frozen strawberries(will get fresh when they are abit cheaper), low fat yoghurt, ice and hilo milk and made mini frappes which turned out pretty decent. I also purchased some weight waters jelly @ 9cals per 100g and i only have about 50g at a time so 4.5cals woop woop.

I am a very big calorie counter now. This started when my friend brought me a calorie counting book last year. It pretty much became mym bible. I was checking EVERYTHING that i was about to eat but i was never very serious about it at the time. Now times are changing. Since i stated this goal seriously i have discovered that my bible book is also online which makes it much more convinient: www.calorieking.com.au i do recommend a look. It helps me keep track troughout that day plus i can plan ahead and see just what i should eat and how much exersice will burn it off again :D

So my goal weights i want to achieve are:
End May/June - 147lb
July - 143lb
August - 138lb
Sept - 134lb
OCT - 127lb

I can do it! I will do it

Eaten so far:
Muesli - Apricot & Almond (20g) - 78cal
Salad - Lettuce baby spinach, carrot, capsicum, celery, 40g tuna, 10g cheese, one egg - 200cal

1.5 Hrs walking:
60 mins @6kph - 302cals burnt
30 mins @ 5kph - 124cals burnt

Savii xx

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  1. I love CalorieKing! And I bought the book for a friend of mine as well, B. It's a great resource and the online version is even better than the book, if you can believe it!

    I'll have to try out that Weight Watchers Jelly! Nine calories?! Whew!