Thursday, June 4, 2009

Gyming it up

First off, hello and thank you to those following me. I hope I can provide some form of service, whether it is inspiration, entertainment or even time wasting :P

Second: I am off to join the gym after work. As much as I love walking it just doesn’t burn enough!
An hour walking at 6kph burns 300 cals but 1 hour doing body step burns double that, and looking at the gym timetable you can do 2-3 classes in a row! That’s 1200 to 1800 cals possibly burnt off! So once I get into a routine and build up my fitness I hope to do all 3 in a row some days! Look out body!

Just got a txt from my friend danny who is down for the weekend for my mates (and her ex) 21st party and she wants to catch up for dinner at Hungry Jacks :( :(
I have been feverishly searching calorie king to king out just how much a whopper junior minus beef and cheese but they don’t have that option! I want subway but with danny its either her way or the highway *sigh* ill see if they still do ceaser salads and I just wont put the dressing on and pick out the croutons. Easy done! Otherwise the usual Whopper junior minus beef, cheese, tomato and pickle with light mayo and heavy lettuce and a medium diet coke. I say usual which it pretty much as been for 5 years because after working there for 3 years I KNOW what they do to that beef *shudders*

Hope I can keep it up as today has been a goodin’.
80 mins walking
Muesli & milk and fish and salad and an apple today making it a total 200 cals so far. Just got dinner to go :S

Off to sign up!
Ciao Ciao


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