Thursday, June 25, 2009

Random musing:

My knickers are stretched to my shape; comfortable and accommodating to my body image. Yes they are scungy, tatty and torn, faded and daggy, Fraid with holes. But they ease my mind.
But now the dreaded day has finally arrived where I have to buy new undies! Sure it should be an event to be excited about but it is one I despise just for the simple fact that i don’t want muffin top! I will sit in discomfort, feeling my fat rolls hang over tight elastic. Ill have the need to pull them higher then necessary to “tuck it all in” and think how they will bee seen through tighter clothing.

Nawwww I love my hobo undies :(

P.S. - R.I.P. Michael Jackson. Your music made me, changed me and is forever apart of me.


  1. I love work in clothes and comfortable. Maybe buy them a size bigger than you need that way no muffin top..? I have the SAME problem. It's so frustrating!!

  2. bigger size does seem like the logical thing to do but the next size up is quite depressin... have been thinkin ill give them a good ol stretch manually :)