Wednesday, June 3, 2009


After a weekend I am trying to erase from my mind I have maintained weight which I have mixed feelings about. On one side I haven’t gained, on the other its still fatty mcfatfat!

Have tried pickin up my act today after last nites shameful binge on Cadbury rocky road chocolate (which is now all gone thankfully) yet there now remains my 70% cocoa block which again is good and bad. On one side its pretty rich so cannot eat my usual half a block, only 2 squares plus it has good antioxidants! On the other side its still chocolate that I do not need. I did so well for 2 weeks where not a piece touched my lips, not mouth has had a taste and craves like there is no tomorrow! I will be strong!

So yeah, back to getting back on track with today. I have been thoroughly researching my calorie counter book and assessing my daily intake and a usually stick around the 800 cal mark. Over the weekend I blitz the 1,000 cal max limit which I am very ahamed about. It was such a lack of self control, I swear my hand and mouth shared a mental thought and decided to mutiny over my lack of sugar and crap! But I am back in control with a limit of 600cals per day now!
Today I have consumed:
Muesli (10g) & Hilo milk (15mls) – 39 + 7 = 46 cal

Medium Apple (Half at 11.30am & other half at 4pm) = 72 cal

Lettuce (10g), Carrot (30g), Baby spinach (10g), avocado (5g),
grated cheese (3g) wrapped in Roti bread – 2 + 12 + 2 + 8 + 12 + 70 – 106cal

Mini Anzac muffin (10g) – 49cal

And tonights dinner, cos macy is away I can pick something low cal, we are having fish and veges which I hope is no more then 300 cals all up.

On top of thati hae also walked about 1.5 hours today and plan to do some yoga and weights and sit ups!

I want to reach at least 143lb by sat!!

Just a quick update. I promise to write one good and proper when I have some time between bosses walking past my comp all day hehe

Stay strong!


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