Wednesday, June 24, 2009

facts and figures 1#

Hmm its been awhile. Sorry for the neglect of the blogging but I have quickly browsed everyones blogs to see how everyone is going. They are all so inspirational.

Well its been flat tack here at work. I was doin 2 jobs for 2 weeks while our receptionist was in Bali, and now have spent all this week trying to catch up on my work. And ihave to say I love being that busy. The day goes so much faster, I move around a lot more plus I have to leave the office a lot so I walk down town which is 10 minutes there and back each time so burning up abit more is fine by me haha.

Well I joined up at the gym, and all though I spend the whole days deciding whether to go or not, I feel so good after! I’m not a fan of using the equipment. I prefer to use a tredmill privately so I can turn up my ipod and run with noone to judge and mouth the words to my metal songs, and I must say the thought of me attempting to jog on a treadmill mouthing the lyrics which entail a lot of screaming is making me giggle. Hence the reason I like to privately use the equipment. Im more of a group fitness gal and that’s all I do!
So far this week I have done:

Monday: Walking (1hr) and Body Attack (1hr)
Tuesday: Walk/Jog (30 mins) and Body Step (1hr)
Wednesday (today): Cross trainer (30 mins) and planning to do Body Pump (1hr)

Thursday I plan to have a day off as it is shopping night and Friday I am going to try Body Combat!

I just gotta find the motivation to get to the gym tonight. I cant be assed but I really need to go as Macy is cooking pasta bake tonight and I know for a fat that I will eat more then I intend to. I always try to weigh what I eat but its getting abit obvious with the scales out all the time. Meh, macy is always talking about her diet so hope ony thinks its her.

Ooo yeah I was searching the web today at work (bit of free time on my hands) and I was wondering how many calories equal a pound and I found this piece of information:

“A pound of body fat equates to approximately 3500 calories. So if you have a calorie deficit of 500 calories (meaning that you burn 500 calories more than you eat each day) you would lose approximately one pound per week:
500 x 7 = 3,500
It's easy to see that a calorie deficit of 1000 calories would mean that you'd lose approximately two pounds per week. And that's a good number to remember, because two pounds a week is commonly accepted as the maximum rate of weight loss that is healthy….”

That is from the site:

And looking through a few of the sub titles I ended up on a link that calculates how long it will take to burn off the amount of pounds you are aiming for if you have a calorie deficit and this is the results from my aim:
Current weight: 146lb
Goal weight 1#: 127lb

Calorie deficit:
250 cals - 8 months & 26days
300 cals - 7 months & 12 days
350 cals - 6 months 10 days
400 cals - 5 months & 16 days
500 cals - 4 months & 13 days

My goal is to be 127 by October (my 21st) so I need to burn 500 cals more then I eat each day to reach that goal!
Now I feel motivated for the gym!

Just doin a quick working out……

From what I have eaten today and plan to eat tonight and what exercise I have done and will do I will have a deficit of 300!

Pump it is!

Well it is the end of the day. I will try keep a more regular post now that it has calmed down here. I hope my little facts are interesting and help you achieve your goals.

Oo and on a plus side I have been stuck at 66kg (146lb) for 3 weeks or so, which sucks because I haven’t lost any more but then I haven’t gained, just maintained! But I weighed myself today and am back in the 65kgs :D good motivation to see 64kg!

Off to pump it
Ciao ciao
Savii xx

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