Friday, January 8, 2010

Stacy Keibler
- working on getting a stomach just like her's -

Jessica Hart
- my new thinspo... I mean look at that bod! perfection!! -

Jennifer Hawkins
- posing untouched/ no editing.. nothing!! i wanna look that good nekkid -

Firstly, i just wanna say Hello to my new followers, and thanks for taking an interest in my ramblings :) much appreciated!
Well this week has been a good week as far as healthy eating goes, well for me in a long time anyways. I cant remember is i posted it of not but this weeks challenge is no chocolate or lollies and i have so far stuck to that.... and will keep it going as long as possible whilst i can still say no and walk away. On about the 3rd day I was craving like crazy all the lollies we have a work and the chocolate i have shoved in my bottom draw, and started feeling really flat and tired but that feeling has now passed. Yay
Another good thing about this week is that I found the music to the attack classes I do at the gym, and since I havent been going due to leg injuries from heavy impact, I can and have been doing about 20 mins of my fave work out songs from the routine before I go to work and if I fit it in, after work. Its a great way to burn afew more calories throughout the day plus I can do it wheneber I want :D My housemates think im abit of an addict, and hell maybe I am but it makes me happy knowing I'm doing just alittle bit more then usual.
So that is the weekday done, now have the weekend to go... I will be strong!

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