Monday, January 18, 2010

Watch out gym, im back!

FINALLY i can go back to the gym..... and sure enough the shins are wrapped in ice :( but this isnt going to stop me from going... just gotta alter my routine to suit my injuries.

So anyways, hit the gym again for the first time in a week and my god it felt good! Sure it was one of the hottest days of summer and there are only 3 pathetic fans that give out cool air to about 5% of the gigantic room whilst we jump, lunge, run, kick, push up, sit up and flick for 60mins straight but i hadnt felt that alive in ages!

Then i kinda ruined it by eatin chocolate cake :( but that is now all gone and I can get back into routine.

I have recently discovered that when i start thinking to far ahead to the goal I desire, I suddenly loose all control! I litteraly cannot stop shoveling food into my mouth as soon at the figure 53 pops into my head (my goal weight). This had lead to many weeks of frustration as i watched the scales tell me the same weight time after time...

So I have been telling myself i need to set myself small goals, which i have done each month but it was still 2 big! To tell myself i need to loose 2kg a month as small as it is, just doent stick. So i started my food journal again and on every second day i set myself a goal, for example:

Monday - 66.5kg

Wednesday - 66.2kg

Friday - 66kg

Sunday - 65.8kg

(Australia Day - Bikinis :S) Tuesday - 65.5kg

Thursday - 65.3kg

Saturday - 65kg

Sunday - January final weight= ??

Yeah so that is pretty much my short term goals, small and easy to reach!

In the example above, you may notice that on the tuedays i have stated it is Australia Day!

One of the best days of the year with friends n family. This year we are celebrating at our house, having close friends over for a cook up early morning, crackin open the first can then setting up a giant slippery slidedown the back lawn, blowup pools everywhere, aussie flags and banners, snags and booze, fireworks n its gonna be sweet as!

It is also a full day in bikinis!!!!!!

So this week MUST be a good week!

i WILL make it a good week so i can rock my ozi kinis!

I think alot of fruit is in order this week, plus its to hot to eat anything warm.... infact icecold water is sounding real good right now. Its 10pm and i swear its just as hot as 12pm!! I litteraly have to peel mysefl of my leather desk chair........ oh yes the suction sound of my fat thighs being released from their leather grip is oh so motivating me right now.

Well im off to bed. I Hope everyone has a fantastic week, keep strong, happy and healthy... and happy oz day


  1. so excited for australia day, mine sounds almost exactly the same as yours - we will look HOT for this babe xx

  2. Its nice to read something positive for a change!! haha, My recent Post- ' New Goal- No more goals'.
    Totally understand, as soon as you set a benchmark you're almost destined to fail.
    I see your a fellow aussie.. cant wait for australia day too!.. talke care